Mechanic Tax Rebate


If you are a mechanic you are likely to have overpaid tax as a result of not claiming tax relief on the expenses of your employment. Here are the main reliefs you could be claiming against your employment income.

1. Uniform tax rebate

You can claim an allowance for the laundry of your uniform or overalls.

2. Purchase of tools

Mechanics often pay a significant amount of money to buy the tools they need to do their job. Usually it’s possible to claim between 20% and 40% of that cost back in tax.

3. Purchase of protective clothing.

If you have to purchase protective clothing such as hi-viz gear or safety shoes you can also claim tax back on the cost of this.

Can I backdate my claim?

Yes, we can backdate your claim for the previous 4 tax years, so you could get paid 4 years worth of tax rebates in one year.  You’ll also get the tax relief in your pay going forward for the current and future years, so you’ll keep saving. If you click on the box below you can get a free estimate of the amount you could be due.

How do I claim?

If you click on the box below and you can enter your claim in less than 5 minutes.




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