Cabin Crew Tax Rebate

Cabin crew could be due a tax refund.

Cabin crew could be due a tax refund.

If you are a flight attendant you may be able to obtain a tax refund. This is because you are entitled to claim tax relief on certain costs of your employment that are deemed “wholly and necessarily” for the purposes of your employment. This basically means you can claim back for the cost of things that you needed to do your job.

Flat rate allowance

Many airlines have a locally-agreed allowance for the upkeep of the uniform and equipment you need to do your job. Unite has recently agreed an allowance for cabin crew with BA, Virgin, Flybe, Monarch, Easyjet, Thomas Cook and Thomson. This allowance is for £720 per year, which is typically worth £144 in tax. This allowance will not come into force until next tax year. Lower but still significant allowances exist for the current and earlier tax years. As there is a time limit on the amount of years you can backdate your claim it’s important that you claim now, even though the allowance is increasing, as at the end of the current tax year the oldest year will be lost. Even if you wait until next year it won’t be possible to backdate the higher allowance to the earlier years, so there is no advantage to be gained by waiting for the higher allowance to come into force.

If you work for any of these airlines we recommend you check next year’s tax coding very carefully to ensure that HMRC has updated your allowance to the new rate.

Similar allowances may also be available for cabin crew working with other airlines such as Ryanair. These allowances aren’t published on HMRC’s website but we can obtain them if you enter a claim through us.  You can claim for this expenditure when you lodge a claim through

What about other costs?

If you need to get vaccinations or visas for overseas trips and your airline doesn’t reimburse you, you can also claim for these costs. Just note the cost of this in the boxes provided on the paper forms when you make your claim.

Can I backdate my claim?

You can backdate your claim to the 4 previous tax years, so if you’ve been in the job for 5 years or more you could be due a tax rebate in excess of £300.  When you claim through we can get you a cheque for the overpaid tax in these earlier years.

How do I claim?

Just visit and enter your details to get the forms to claim. It’s really easy to do and you can complete your part of the claim in less than 5 minutes.

Why claim through you?

We’re the UK’s leading specialist in this type of claim and we paid out more than 70,000 rebates last year alone. Unlike other companies we’re a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and we are fully qualified to give tax advice, we’re not just a claims handler. If you’ve followed other advice and claimed before we’d still like to take on your claim as there is a good chance that we can claim some extra tax back for you. If you aren’t entitled to a rebate it won’t cost you anything.

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