Nurse Tax Rebate

If you work in nursing you could be due a tax rebate.

If you work in nursing you could be due a tax rebate.


If you are a Nurse you may be able to claim a tax rebate. This is because you are allowed to claim tax relief on certain expenses of your employment. Most of these reliefs usually go unclaimed because it’s the employee’s responsibility to record and report expenses incurred to HMRC.

What can I claim for?

1. NMC fees

If you are required to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council you can claim tax relief on the cost of the subscriptions. Typically anyone registered with the NMC can claim tax relief at around £20 per year or £40 per year for higher rate taxpayers.

You can also claim additional tax back on any fees you paid to register a subsequent qualification.

If you are already claiming tax relief on NMC fees it’s worth remembering that as NMC fees increased last year you may now be able to claim a bit more tax back.

2. RCN membership

If you are a member of the Royal College of Nursing you can also claim tax relief on those subscriptions. If you pay the highest subscription rate you could be due around £39-£78 per year in tax. If you are a health care assistant (HCA) you can also claim tax relief on RCN subscriptions paid at the HCA rate which is worth £20-£40 per year.

2. Union membership

Union membership isn’t usually tax deductible, however if you work in healthcare you can claim tax relief on membership fees with Unison. The amount on which you are allowed to claim tax relief is restricted, however if you pay the highest subscription rate you could be due around £35-£70 per year in tax.

3. Professional indemnity insurance

If you have to pay professional indemnity insurance, for instance through providers such as the MPS (Medical Protection Society) you can also claim the tax back on the cost of your premiums. You’d usually get 20%-40% of what you paid back in tax.

4. Upkeep of equipment and uniform

Nurses are given an allowance to cover the cost of upkeep and laundry of their uniforms; this can be worth between £20 and £40 per year in tax, depending on which rate of tax you pay.

Nurses can also claim an additional allowance for shoes and tights. The allowance is relatively small but it can increase any rebate and tax relief by £3-£7 per year.

For the purposes of claiming these allowances HMRC has a broad definition of a nurse which includes “nurses and midwives of all grades and includes auxiliaries, students, nursing assistants and healthcare assistants or workers”. This definition will include most care workers so most workers engaged in nursing or direct patient care can be classed as nurses when it comes to making a claim.

Can I backdate my claim?

You can backdate your claim over the previous 4 tax years, even if you’ve had multiple jobs or left your job in nursing. For the current and future tax years you can get tax relief through your tax code which means you’ll get a bit less tax deducted from your pay packet.

How do I claim?

If you enter your details at you can get the forms to start your claim straight away.

Why claim through you?

We’re the UK’s leading specialist in this type of claim and we paid out more than 70,000 rebates last year alone. Unlike other companies we’re a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and we are fully qualified to give tax advice, we’re not just a claims handler. If you’ve followed other advice and claimed before we’d still like to take on your claim as there is a good chance that we can claim some extra tax back for you. If you aren’t entitled to a rebate it won’t cost you anything.



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  1. sonia bhunjun


  2. Lisa rovetto

    I have been working for nhs for 11 years I do I claim tax back please my name is lisa rovetto and I
    Work at hayward house xcity hospital

  3. Victoria Generalao-Macqueen

    I am a Health care Worker work in community Care as a Support worker. we bought uniforms, shoes socks and tights,winter shoes during snow time,jackets and Cardigan and for the laundry Am I entiltled for a tax rebate claim? I worked within this Company since January 02, 2011

  4. Mohammed othman

    Could I claim for the years since 2000 til present date?

    Mohammed othman

  5. Pauline

    I work for a UK nursing agency in the EU. I subscribe to both the the RCN and NMC. Can I still claim?

  6. stephanie

    I currently work in Gibraltar, but was working in uk up until april 2012, I still work as a nurse, wear uniform and pay nmc fees. Can I claim or at least claim for my work in uk? How would this be paid back as I’m no longer on uk tax code?

  7. Lesley Salih

    I am a carer in a care home. ive applied for the rebate and i was wondering how long do it take before i get any money back. thanks

    • The Rabbit

      Most claims are completed within 12 weeks, however, this depends on the workload at your local tax office but if you have not received any correspondence within 4 months we recommend you resubmit the forms and we can lodge a new claim with HMR&C.

  8. sj

    I’m registered as a nurse and paramedic can I claim for both registration fees and if so how can I do that when ive already sent my claim for one cheers


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