Police Tax Rebate

Police Officers could claim a tax rebate

Police Officers could claim a tax rebate

If you are a Police Officer you may be able to obtain a tax refund. This is because you are entitled to claim tax relief on certain costs of your employment that are deemed “wholly and necessarily” for the purposes of your employment. This basically means you can claim back for the cost of things that you needed to do your job.

Uniform Tax Rebate

If you wear a uniform you can claim tax back for laundry of this at www.ukpolicetaxrebate.co.uk. The police force has a nationally agreed rate for the laundry and upkeep of uniform of £140 per year. This means you can claim tax back on the allowance at the highest rate of tax you pay, so you’d usually get 20% or 40% of that amount back, which would be £28 or £56 per year. You can also backdate that allowance over the 4 previous tax years so it could be worth between £112 and £224 in total.

What if I don’t wear a uniform?

For the Police Force the allowance can be given irrespective of whether an officer’s current duties require them to wear a uniform. Further details of this can be found on the HMRC website.

What about for buying my own uniform and boots?

The allowance of £140 per year includes the cost of replacing uniform items, however you may be able to claim for uniform items if you have to pay for them yourself when you start your job. If you find you are spending more than £140 per year on boots and kit you can claim extra tax back for this cost. You can claim for this at the same time as your www.ukpolicetaxrebate.co.uk claim, just enter the amounts you spent on the paper form after entering your details.

Do I need to provide receipts?

You shouldn’t have to provide receipts but you do need to be able to say roughly what you spent in each year. If you are claiming for a significant amount of expenditure it can help if you can provide a list of the items you purchased and their approximate cost. If you can’t remember the cost it can help to refer to an equipment store to check how much the items would cost now.


At www.ukpolicetaxrebate.co.uk we’ve come across a few cases where HMRC has rejected claims because receipts weren’t provided, however we have successfully contested these and obtained compensation where the claims were incorrectly rejected. If you claimed through us and HMRC rejects your claim for this reason you can return details to us and we will contest their decision.

Can I claim for Police Federation Fees?

You can also claim tax back on the cost of your Police Federation subscriptions. Depending on which federation you pay to and the rate of tax you pay you could be due between £50 and £100 extra back each year in tax on your Police Federation fees. You can claim for this at the same time as your www.ukpolicetaxrebate.co.uk claim, just write the amounts you spent on the paper form after entering your details. We can help you out with subscription rates so you won’t need to go through your old bank statements.

The Metropolitan Police gives tax relief at source on Police Federation fees so if you work for the Met Police you may be already receiving this tax relief.

This tax allowance can also be backdated to the previous 4 years even if you don’t work for the Police Force anymore.

What about the future years?

Once you’ve claimed you should get the allowance automatically in your pay and you shouldn’t need to claim again, however if the subscriptions you pay change you may need to enter another claim to keep the allowances up to date.

How do I claim?

Just visit www.ukpolicetaxrebate.co.uk and enter your details to get the forms to claim. It’s really easy to do and you can complete your part of the claim in less than 5 minutes.

We’ve completed more than 100,000 tax rebate claims and by using us you are benefiting from the knowledge, expertise and experience of fully qualified tax experts.

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