PE and Sports Teacher Tax Rebate

PE and Sports Teachers could be due a tax rebate.

PE and Sports Teachers could be due a tax rebate.

If you teach PE and sports, aside from the tax relief you can claim on trade union subscriptions and registrations to bodies such as the GTC in the IfL you can also claim tax relief on sportswear you bought to teach lessons. You can get the forms to claim at We’ve looked at some of the questions teachers frequently have about these claims below.


What sort of things can I claim for?

It’s acceptable to claim for recognised sports wear such as trainers, tracksuits and and rugby boots. You could also claim for other clothing and equipment that is specifically required to teach other sports such as hockey, tennis, football, netball or swimming if you teach those sports as a part of your job.

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What can’t I claim for?

Items such as towels, tee-shirts, sweat-shirts and outdoor clothing which, if worn or used outside work, could not be recognised as sports clothing or accessories. No deduction would be permitted for such items.

Do I need to provide receipts?

You shouldn’t have to provide receipts but you do need to be able to say roughly what you spent in each year. If you are claiming for a significant amount of expenditure it can help if you can provide a list of the items you purchased and their approximate cost.

At we’ve come across a few cases where HMRC have rejected claims because receipts weren’t provided, however we have successfully contested these and obtained compensation where the claims were incorrectly rejected. If you claimed through us and HMRC reject your claim for this reason you can return details to us and we will contest their decision.

If I don’t have receipts how can I work out how much I spent?

You’ve probably got an idea of how many pairs of trainers you’ve purchased or if you’ve bought a pair of rugby boots or a hockey stick, you may even still have all of the things you’ve bought if you have a look in your wardrobe or in your cupboards. List all the things you can remember buying, it’s possible that you may forget something but it’s usually still worth claiming on the items you can remember buying.

Once you’ve got your list if you can’t remember how much each item cost you can usually value the items by looking at what they would cost in a sports shop or on a sports equipment website. Once you’ve done that you just need to add up the total to work out what you spent in each year.

How much is it worth?

We polled 100 PE teachers and from the information they provided we estimated that on average PE and sports teachers spend around £625 per year buying and maintaining sports clothes and equipment for their job.  This is usually worth around £125 per year or £250 per year if you are a higher rate taxpayer. You can backdate your claim 4 years so you could be due £500 to £1,000 for purchasing and maintaining sports kit alone.

Can I claim for anything else?

If you are wear PE or sports kit or you wear a logo’d uniform or you wear protective clothing such as a labcoat we can claim a laundry allowance for this.

If you have to pay professional indemnity insurance to cover the legal risks of doing your job you can claim tax relief on those costs.

We can also  help you claim tax relief on subscriptions you paid to the NUT, NASUWT, ATL, GTC, IfL, NAHT, NPH, Voice, EIS, ASCL, UCU and others. Just visit and enter your details to get the forms to claim. It’s really easy to do and it shouldn’t take much more than 5 minutes of your time.


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